Mar 152013
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Mar 132013
Organic is Better

Today’s book excerpt . . . “Although fresh fruits, vegetables and grains are not free from environmental pollutants, consuming organic fruits, vegetables and grains can reduce some of these toxins from entering our system”.     ——— If you have been enjoying excerpts from my new book “Dietary and Lifestyle Choices and their Effects on . . . Read More »

Mar 092013
Starting a Family

Today’s Book Excerpt . . . “Good health ethics should be initiated as soon as possible prior to pregnancy as the health of both parents are important. Health during pregnancy is vitally important as both the mother-to-be and the fetus will be affected. Some pregnancy strategies include exercise. For example, a daily walk increases flexibility, . . . Read More »

Mar 062013
Supplements and Nutrition

Today’s book excerpt . . . “It is generally safe to take a daily multivitamin and mineral supplement that provides at least 100 percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA), especially for those individuals whose diet is very limited. However, it is even better to make sure that you eat at least 5 servings of . . . Read More »

Feb 262013

Excerpts from the book . . . “Overeating or eating too frequently can cause a feverish state in the system overtaxing the digestive organs. As a result, the bloodstream can become impure and diseases of various kinds can occur.”     ——— If you have been enjoying excerpts from my new book “Dietary and Lifestyle . . . Read More »

Feb 262013

Excerpts from the book . . . “Caffeine is perhaps one of the most notorious tension-inducing chemicals which has the ability to cause stress and anxiety or even worsen preexisting symptoms. Caffeine also creates an acid pH within the body. Too much acid can cause or aggravate inflammation which can lead to pain. This can . . . Read More »

Feb 252013

Today’s book excerpt . . . “Possible contributors to the development and growth of cancer can be divided into three categories – external, internal, and lifestyle. External factors include unhealthy workplace environments and exposure to air and water pollution, chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Internal factors include both genetics and infections. Lifestyle factors are those we personally . . . Read More »

Feb 242013

Hello Everyone, Just want to invite you to my new Author’s Blog site at where I will be posting excerpts from my latest book. I’ll also be posting information on health articles and new book ideas. Come join me there where we can stay in touch with each other. ~ Craig