Apr 042013

traditionToday’s book excerpt . . . “Even when sickness manifests itself or an illness disrupts daily routines, excuses to survive through these conditions are based upon what are believed to be symptoms of old age or hereditary disorders. Many individuals suffer continually from hidden ailments, causes of which are unable to be determined. Although they feel miserable and are subject to many symptoms such as frequent headaches, indigestion, or poor appetites, they refuse to reevaluate their lifestyles due to the grasping holds of family or societal traditions.”

There is no need to accept or believe what the media has put out there and led us to believe. Our body deteriorates do to lack of care. Without proper care, our body is depleted of the nutrients it needs to function properly. When this happens, our immune system weakens and our defense system cannot function to protect us from dis-ease. The aging process starts and progresses until we can no longer function.

Giving the body what it needs; proper dietary intake, plenty of fluids, proper rest and exercise; we can live a long and happy functional life.


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