May 142013
Table Salt

Today’s book excerpt . . .“Table salt, or sodium chloride, is an inorganic mineral and cannot be used by any cell structure of the body. It irritates the stomach and blood stream, is indigestible, and hinders the digestion of other foods. In fact, it is so caustic to the sensitive inner tissues of the body, . . . Read More »

May 032013
Complex Carbohydrates

Today’s book excerpt . . . “Complex carbohydrates on the other hand, come from food sources that have not been refined and are in their natural state or mildly cooked. It is these complex carbohydrates, such as natural sugars and starches that supply the body with the fuel it can utilize for energy. Although the . . . Read More »

Apr 302013
Simple Carbohydrates

Today’s book excerpt . . .“Simple carbohydrates are in food sources that are refined. These carbohydrates and refined foods in general should be avoided not only for their empty caloric value, but because the body cannot utilize simple carbohydrates.” This is especially important with families who have young children. Concentration, obesity and overall good health . . . Read More »

Apr 092013
Exercise and Cholesterol

Today’s book excerpt . . . “Since endurance exercise improves the metabolism, this type of exercise is best. When performed regularly, it lowers the LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and raises the HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol); it also lowers triglycerides, another blood lipid linked to heart disease. More visibly, regular physical activity burns away body fat.”   . . . Read More »

Apr 042013
The Grasping Holds of Tradition

Today’s book excerpt . . . “Even when sickness manifests itself or an illness disrupts daily routines, excuses to survive through these conditions are based upon what are believed to be symptoms of old age or hereditary disorders. Many individuals suffer continually from hidden ailments, causes of which are unable to be determined. Although they . . . Read More »

Apr 012013
Book Reviews

Thank you all for your encouragement and support on my book. I would like to ask that if you have enjoyed reading “Dietary and Lifestyle Choices and their Effects on the body” to please leave a book review on Amazon, here on Facebook, or other venues that you may have used to purchase your copy. Your . . . Read More »

Mar 282013
Exercise and your Child

Today’s excerpt . . . “Exercise should be encouraged during the ages of 5 to 6, especially as a substitute for watching television. Even at this early age, encourage your child to go outside, take them to a park, or get them involved in a planned physical activity. Good habits, as well as poor habits, . . . Read More »

Mar 262013
High Blood Pressure

Today’s book excerpts . . .“Blood pressure is usually divided into two categories, designated primary and secondary. Primary hypertension is high blood pressure that is not due to another underlying disease.” . . . “These include cigarette smoking, stress, obesity, excessive use of stimulants such as coffee and tea, drug use, and high sodium intake.” . . . Read More »

Mar 212013
The Human Body

Today’s book excerpt . . .“With the daily pounding waves of overeating, constipation, toxic build up, malabsorption or malnutrition that our bodies continually undergo, it is no wonder that disease has overwhelmed our nation. What is unfortunate is that disease seems to be accepted as being part of life, part of old age, and hereditary. . . . Read More »

Mar 192013
The Common Cold

Today’s book excerpt . . .“When you realize that colds are beneficial processes, you can then understand why science has been unable to find the long sought after cure for the “common cold”, despite the amount of money and time that has been poured into research.”   ——— If you have been enjoying excerpts from . . . Read More »