Feb 252013

Cancer-PatientToday’s book excerpt . . . “Possible contributors to the development and growth of cancer can be divided into three categories – external, internal, and lifestyle. External factors include unhealthy workplace environments and exposure to air and water pollution, chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides. Internal factors include both genetics and infections. Lifestyle factors are those we personally control the most. Lifestyle factors are the factors scientists believe account for the largest proportions of cancers. These factors include diet, smoking, drinking, and sun exposure”.

Basically, our body does not know how to die. It continually adjusts itself to each situation we expose it to in order to survive. In doing so, our body exerts itself to combat external and internal stressors and utilizes an abundant amount of nutrients in order to try and stabilize what it is experiencing. Continually exposing our body to the previously mentioned “external, internal and lifestyle factors” will begin to breakdown its immune system weakening its defense against disease.

When the body’s immune system is weakened, it cannot defend itself properly against environmental toxins, illnesses and the abuse we put it through daily. As it continually tries to survive, important nutrients are depleted and symptoms start to appear. Symptoms are the body’s way of getting your attention and saying “hey, what are your doing to me?”

These symptoms develop into various disorders and then into what medical science calls, disease. At this point your medical doctor may recommend medication or suggestion surgery to correct the problem but these only suppress what you are experiencing. Although in a life-threatening situation these steps may be necessary, in most cases, they only hide the real problem as your body continues to breakdown in the process of survival.

Suppressing your health problems without getting to the root cause of the problem will only allow what you are experiencing to surface as another symptom, disorder or disease. Holistically speaking, you need to make changes in your life that will eliminate the external and internal stressors that are breaking down your immune system, depleting your body of essential nutrients. It is important that you take necessary steps in strengthening your body keeping it healthy and in good shape. For example, don’t maintain your car or keep it clean and how will it look and run? Keep it maintained, washed and waxed and, well enough said.

Take care of your body . . . Your health depends on it.

~ Craig


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